20 Reasons why Casey Anthony was Probably Guilty [Opinion]

(The following is the personal opinion of Charisse Van Horn)

Yes, we know that Casey Anthony was found not guilty in a court of law, but that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Americans continue to believe that she was guilty in the death and disappearance of her little girl, Caylee. Before I explain my 20 reasons why I believe Casey Anthony was guilty, let’s go over a few facts from the case and background story.

Caylee Marie Anthony was born on August 9, 2005, to her mother, Casey Marie Anthony. Anthony kept her pregnancy a secret and her parents didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was past the point of an abortion. To this day, no one knows who Caylee Anthony’s biological father is. Some suspected that incest may have been involved, but DNA testing confirmed that neither Casey Anthony’s brother Lee or father George Anthony were Caylee’s biological father.

Casey and Caylee lived in Orlando, Florida with Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony.  Casey never finished high school, had a fiancé but the engagement was called off and said that she worked at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for several years. While Casey Anthony was seemingly going to work, she would leave Caylee in the care of her nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez…who had the nickname Zanny.

On June 16, 2008, Casey Anthony was home with her daughter Caylee and her father George. George watched as his daughter and granddaughter left the home, seemingly Casey was going to work and was going to bring Caylee to her nanny, Zanny, like she had apparently done many times before. It was the last time George Anthony would see Caylee.

Over the next 31 days, George and Cindy Anthony would have no contact with Caylee and very limited contact with their daughter Casey. Casey had a new boyfriend and was spending time with him, without Caylee.  Several phone calls were made between Cindy Anthony and Casey Anthony. During these calls Casey explained that she was helping a friend, staying with a friend who was in a car accident and seemingly moved out of her parents’ home.

During those 31 days, George Anthony and Cindy Anthony reported strange occurrences. Casey had broken into their garage to steal gas cans and use the gas for her parents’ vehicle she was driving. On July 15, 2008, George and Cindy Anthony were notified that the car had been impounded and that they needed to pick up the vehicle. George Anthony was a former law enforcement officer and he had a bad, gut feeling about the situation. When the couple arrived at the impound lot, they looked in the trunk and George was terrified he would see something horrific. Both George and Cindy Anthony stated the trunk of the vehicle had a strong, putrid odor.

It was on July 15, 2008, after George and Cindy Anthony retrieved the vehicle from the tow yard that their concerns for Casey and Caylee’s safety skyrocketed. There was no way to know for sure what had transpired, but they knew something was off. Cindy Anthony called 911 to report Caylee missing. She made several phone calls to the police, as she was frantically searching for both Casey and Caylee. She found Casey, alone and at her boyfriend’s Orlando, apartment. It had been 31 days since George had seen Caylee and Casey’s explanation for what had happened for the past 31 days was unbelievable. Casey Anthony told her mother that night that Caylee had been kidnapped, and she had spent the past 31 days looking for her.

Casey Anthony was placed under arrest and faced charges of child neglect. The investigation determined that Casey had made false statements to authorities and was not helping police with their investigation.  Casey Anthony hired Jose Baez for her criminal defense attorney. Meanwhile, George and Cindy Anthony pleaded with the media for the return of their granddaughter. They would also become the target of public vitriol as many in the public believed they knew something and were covering up for Casey. Many volunteers searched for Caylee and some reports surfaced across the country that a little girl like Caylee had been spotted. Those reports would stop after a child’s skeletal remains were located less than one mile from George and Cindy Anthony’s home. On Dec. 11, 2008, meter reader Roy Kronk discovered a bag that contained a skull and other bones, and clothing remnants. DNA testing confirmed the bones and hair belonged to Caylee Anthony.

Several weeks after the discovery, on Dec. 19, 2008, Dr. Jan Garavaglia “Dr. G. Medical Examiner” ruled Caylee Anthony’s death was caused by “homicide by undetermined means.” She said that there was duct tape on Caylee’s skull. The duct tape when across her jaw and nostrils, and she believed in her expert opinion, the duct tape had been placed on the child’s face in a method to kill her. The public outcry against Casey Anthony reached an all time high, as it was believed that she had murdered Caylee, placed duct tape over her mouth and nose, placed her in three garbage bags, and then left her remains in a wooded, area by her parent’s Orlando subdivision. What also caused many people’s outrage is that Casey Anthony never publicly displayed any grief over her missing daughter.

Casey Anthony went on trial on May 24, 2011. She was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, aggravated child abuse, and four counts of providing false information to law enforcement. On July 5, 2011, Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges except the four counts of providing false information to law enforcement. She was sentenced to one-year probation, one year in jail, and $1,000 for each of the four counts in fines. Because Casey Anthony had been in jail waiting for her trial, she was credited with 1,043 days time served. She also received credit for good behavior. Casey Anthony has been in hiding since she walked out of jail a “free woman.” On March 8, 2017, the Associated Press published an interview with Casey Anthony where she continued to remain stupefied over the death and disappearance of Caylee.

Now, here are my 20 reasons why I believe Casey Anthony was most likely guilty.

1. Casey Anthony is the Only Person with Motive to Kill Caylee

Casey Anthony is the only person who had the motive to kill Caylee Anthony. George and Cindy Anthony loved Caylee and had no motive. There was no insurance policy taken out on Caylee. If they wanted to kill her for money, they would have had an insurance policy, and then used the drowning cover to cash in. The only person who benefited from Caylee Anthony’s death was Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony enjoyed 31 days of childless freedom after June 16, 2008.

2. Bella Vita Tattoo

Casey Anthony displayed strange behavior during the 31 days that Caylee Anthony was missing. By strange, I mean, unusual behavior for someone who is “grieving” a deceased child or searching for a kidnapped child. During Caylee’s disappearance, Casey Anthony got a new tattoo. The tattoo states “Bella Vita” and is Italian for “Beautiful Life.” Some feel that it was the closest thing to grieving Casey Anthony did, indicating that she received the tattoo in honor of Caylee’s memory. Others feel that Casey Anthony was actually celebrating her new life without Caylee and the “Bella Vita” tattoo was in honor of her freedom. Either way, getting a tattoo when your child is missing and you haven’t even called 911 is telling.

3. Blockbuster Movie Rental

Casey Anthony was dating a man named Tony Lazzaro at the time of Caylee Anthony’s death and disappearance. George Anthony last saw Caylee Anthony at about 12:50 pm. At 7:54 pm, that night, Casey Anthony and Tony Lazzaro were seen renting a movie at Blockbuster movie rental. Caylee was not with them. Casey Anthony rented the movies “Untraceable” and “Jumper.” Surveillance video showed Casey Anthony who was calm, cool and collected at the movie store. She was not displaying tears, panic or frantic behavior. Instead, she rented a movie about murder. According to Dr. KeithAblow, Casey Anthony was texting other men the same day.

4. Casey Anthony Failed to Report her Daughter Missing

The fact that Casey Anthony failed to report her daughter missing shows that she was covering her tracks. If Caylee Anthony drowned in the swimming pool, why wasn’t 911 called? Why would Caylee Anthony have duct tape placed over her mouth and nose, and an accident made to look like a murder? Casey Anthony kept Caylee’s disappearance a secret from her mother, her father, her boyfriend and her family. The only person who knew that Caylee Anthony was missing for 31 days was Casey Anthony.

5. Death Smell in Trunk of Car

If Caylee Anthony had drowned in the swimming pool, and if Jose Baez’ claim that George Anthony transported Caylee’s body to the area off Suburban Drive that day was true, then Caylee wouldn’t have been in the trunk of the car long enough for decomposition to set in. Expert testimony in the trial showed that Caylee Anthony had been in the trunk of the car long enough for her body to begin decomposition and for the car to emit a “death smell.” Casey Anthony Evidence DocumentsCollection

6. Death Band on Mitochondrial Hair in Car

Detectives found a strand of hair in Caylee Anthony’s car that was believed to be from Caylee Anthony’s head. The hair had a death band on it, meaning that she had been in the trunk of the car long enough for decomposition to begin.

7. Cadaver Dogs Picked up Scent

Cadaver dogs picked up a human scent in several areas regarding Casey Anthony’s property.  A cadaver dog alerted to Caylee’s playhouse, Casey Anthony’s car, and an area in the yard where George Anthony had detected “fresh dirt.” I believe that Casey Anthony killed Caylee then tried to bury her in her backyard. When that plan failed, she put her body in the trunk of the car and then brought her to the area off of Suburban Drive where her remains were ultimately located.

8. Casey Anthony Borrowed a Shovel from a Neighbor Two Days after Caylee was Last Seen Alive

This fact coincides with cadaver dogs that picked up the scent of human decomposition in Anthony’s backyard. Two days after Caylee Anthony was last seen alive, Casey Anthony borrowed a shovel from a neighbor saying she needed to dig up a bamboo root in her yard. George Anthony showed authorities an area that had “fresh dirt” when cadaver dogs detected human scent in their yard. If George Anthony were “behind” a conspiracy to cover up the drowning, why would Casey Anthony try to bury the body two days later? Jose Baez presented a timeline during his defense and said that George Anthony called, Casey Anthony on June 16, 2008, at 3:04 pm, to say that he took care of disposing of Caylee’s body. If that were true, Casey Anthony wouldn’t have needed to borrow a shovel two days later.

9. Chloroform Levels were Shockingly High in the Trunk of Casey Anthony’s Car

Experts for the State of Florida testified that there were extremely high levels of chloroform in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. There is no reason for there to have been high levels of chloroform in Casey Anthony’s car, and combined with searches from her computer on “how to make chloroform,” the finding is more than disturbing.

10. Duct Tape on Caylee’s Mouth and Nose

Caylee Anthony’s skull was found with duct tape over her mouth and nose. Casey’s defense could not come up with a plausible excuse for this and stated that the duct tape shifted and rested on Caylee’s skull. The state of Florida argued that the duct tape was used as a suffocation method. As Dr. G stated that because of the duct tape on the skull, and its positioning where it was attached to Caylee’s hair, and wrapped around the skull, it was put there deliberately. The duct tape was shown to be the same type that the Anthonys had in their home.

11. No One Called 911 to Report a Child Drowning

The defense theory that Caylee Anthony drowned in the pool and Casey was scared she’d get blamed for it is illogical. No one who loves and cares for a child refuses to call 911 during an emergency and ask for help. Additionally, when someone loves a child they grieve their loss and make a memorial to the child. If Caylee Anthony had drowned, Casey would have wanted to have a funeral and a place to mourn her child. No mother takes a child who has drowned, fakes a kidnapping and murder, then discards their child’s body in the woods and lets wild beasts tear into their child’s remains. Caylee Anthony was discarded like a child who was murdered, not a child who drowned.

12. Dr. G Classified Caylee Anthony’s Death as Homicide

Dr. G examined the case, the evidence, and Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains and determined that Caylee had been murdered.

13. There Were No other Suspects

While the defense tried to make George Anthony a scapegoat in the case, there was nothing that ever linked anyone else to Caylee Anthony’s disappearance, death, or murder. George Anthony was the last person to see Caylee alive and has declared his innocence. He has publicly searched, mourned, and grieved the loss o Caylee and had nothing to gain or benefit from her death or disappearance. The only person who had anything to benefit from Caylee Anthony’s disappearance was Casey.

14. Casey Anthony was the Only Person who didn’t Grieve Caylee Anthony’s Disappearance or Death

There is no reason that Casey Anthony wouldn’t have publicly mourned her daughter’s death if it was an accident. Cindy Anthony was a distraught, emotional wreck during Caylee’s disappearance. From the moment she called 911 until the time she took the stand in Casey Anthony’s trial, Cindy Anthony was a grief-stricken grandmother. George Anthony repeatedly broke down in tears and tried to get Casey Anthony to give information about Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, or give any information that would have helped them lead to Caylee Anthony’s whereabouts.  Casey Anthony is the only person who never publicly showed sadness, sorrow or grief for Caylee Anthony.

15. Casey Anthony is the Only Person in the Immediate Family who never Searched for Caylee

Cindy Anthony was desperate to find Caylee Anthony during the 31 days she was missing. She posted a sad letter on MySpace about Casey Anthony taking Caylee away from her. When Cindy and George retrieved the vehicle from the tow yard, Cindy Anthony immediately began calling Casey’s friends in order to track her down. When she found Casey and heard the story that Caylee had been kidnapped, she immediately called 911to file a missing person’s report. Cindy Anthony, George Anthony, and Lee Anthony participated in efforts to find Caylee. The only person who never actively volunteered to search for Caylee or refused to speak to the media in order to get Caylee’s name out there was Casey Anthony.

16. Casey Anthony had the Opportunity

Casey Anthony is the only person who had the opportunity to murder Caylee Anthony on June 16, 2008. Jose Baez’ timeline for the defense did not coincide with George Anthony’s phone records and time schedule. There were records that proved George Anthony went to work on June 16, 2008. Casey Anthony made her father think she left the house with Caylee, but computer records show that she was online after he had left the home. Not only was she in the house and on the computer, she was searching for nefarious terms that included how to break someone’s neck and how to suffocate a person. George and Cindy Anthony were at work when these searches were made. Casey Anthony had the opportunity to not only look up how to kill Caylee but actually murder her as well.

17. Casey Anthony Changed her MySpace Password to “Timer55”

There were 55 days from Caylee Anthony’s disappearance until her third birthday. It is believed that Casey Anthony used the password “Timer55” because she knew the gig was up as her family would want to throw a birthday party for their darling granddaughter. Casey Anthony was on a countdown to come up with a story that would keep them clueless for those 55 days.

18. Computer Searches for “Neck Breaking” “Household Weapons” “How to Make Chloroform” “Making Weapons of Household Products”

Casey Anthony was the only one who made multiple, nefarious computer searches for terms such as “inhalation,” “self-defense,” “neck breaking,” “how to make chloroform,” “meningeal [sic]artery, “making weapons of household products,” “ruptured spleen,” and “alcohol.” These computer searches are not only incriminating, they show premeditation.

19. The Day Caylee Anthony Disappeared, Someone searched “Fool-Proof Suffocation Methods”

What might be the most troubling of all the Casey Anthony computer searches is that someone searched for “fool-proof suffocation methods” on June 16, 2008, the last day Caylee was seen alive. Not only was this a tremendous piece of evidence the state could have used in their case, they never brought it up. Even Jose Baez spoke about the “smoking gun” that never appeared in the trial.

20. Casey Anthony was the only Person Lying During the 31 Days Casey Anthony was Missing

There were many people questioned, interrogated and interviewed during the investigation and throughout all of it, only one person was ever found to be lying: Casey Anthony. The defense pointed a lot of blame on George Anthony and tried to assassinate his character; however, his story, his whereabouts, his timeline always checked out. Not one time did George Anthony get caught in a blatant lie about the events that transpired on June 16, 2008, or the days following until July 15, 2008. The only person who was repeatedly caught in lies was Casey Anthony. Cindy Anthony may have perjured herself on the stand in a pitiful attempt to save her daughter, but like her husband, her story, her timeline, her whereabouts all checked out.

George Anthony called the police to report a break in and missing gas cans. Cindy Anthony called 911 to turn Casey Anthony in, and then report Caylee Anthony missing. People who are in “cahoots” with a murderer or trying to cover up an accident and make it look like a murder, typically don’t call the police and invite them to their house to look around.

The only person who was lying and avoiding the police during this time was Casey Anthony.

Watch the Casey Anthony trial below.

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  • August 17, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    No doubt, the miraclous Casey acquittal was God’s will. He had other plans
    for her.
    I think it’s reasonable to assume that Casey will get a Reality Program with
    O.J. this fall. O.J. will get out in October and has no choice but to live in Florida
    where his funds cannot be touched. Casey and O.J. together would be a ratings
    smash. Pat Mckenna is connected to both. Casey lives with Mckenna now.
    The two must marry-and even have children-to give the show an air of reality.
    Casey will come out of this ahead. (Leo raising.)


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