Monster Hunters

Monster Hunters is a joint collaboration between child actor Nathan Forrest Winters and YouTuber Bobby Wolfe Jr. Together they are Winters and Wolfe and are bringing a new type of video programming to the masses.

For those who may be unaware, Nathan Forrest Winters is the child actor who starred in the 1989 movie Clownhouse.  Directed by Victor Salva and backed by Francis Ford Copolla, Clownhouse became a true living nightmare. As soon as the movie was ready for its release, it was discovered that Nathan was being sexually abused for approximately six years.

Not only was Victor Salva filming the young child in his movies, but also for his own child pornography collection.

A strong survivor who has the heart to save other children from the horrors of abuse, Nathan Forrest Winters and Bobby Wolfe have teamed up with Monster Hunters.

Bobby Wolfe is best known for his video series that provides an in-depth look at former child actor Corey Feldman.

With new focus, drive, and determination, Monster Hunters is Winters’ and Wolfe’s way of bringing cases to the forefront that others are trying to bury.

Each week the duo discusses the latest child sexual abuse cases making headlines, interview survivors as well as those who have been falsely accused of abuse, and take an inside look at Hollywood and pedophilia.


You may watch Monster Hunters in the video player below. This is a playlist that will continue to update each week with the newest Monster Hunters with Winters and Wolfe content.

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