My Vegan, Gluten-Free Diet: An Introduction

I’ve been gluten-free for two years, and vegan for a few months. My journey has been an arduous one but has definitely brought many benefits. I was told I was a picky eater as a young child and I remember one day when I was 13, I seemed to lose the ability to breathe properly.

My aunt whom I was living with took me to a doctor who identified multiple food allergies. He gave me a list of the most boring foods to eat and I promptly ignored all of his recommendations.

Over the years things grew worse. I had frequent bouts of hives as a child, but once I hit my 30s they seemed to be a daily occurrence. I was always big on fasting and quickly learned the only time I felt the pillar of health was when I fasted and had zero food at all.

That realization began the journey back to the advice the doctor (who I had pegged a quack, it was the 80s and I don’t remember anyone else being diagnosed with “food allergies” in the 80s) gave me.

I started adding foods back to my diet, one by one. I would fast, add a food, see if I had a reaction.

My diet became extremely dreary. If you have food allergies, I’m sure you can relate.

I was a committed carnivore and found that meat was the easiest for me to digest and caused very few reactions.

On October 3, 2018, I saw a video of a cow being led to the slaughter. The camera zoomed in on the cow’s eyes and there it was…fear and pain. I began crying.

When I woke up the morning of October 4, I took my dog out for a walk as I usually do. I looked around and listened to the birds, the squirrels (I have a strange relationship with squirrels, lol), all the animals that were present. The sun was shining brightly and I had an epiphany. It really was a spiritual experience and I just knew in that moment, that I was connected to earth, the way all humans are. And in that moment, I realized with certain assurance that humans are here to protect and guard the earth and her animals. We aren’t meant to eat them.

We aren’t in the cave anymore. We don’t NEED to eat animals for survival. Maybe in some places they do, and that’s fine, no judgment here. But for me, in my little space allotted to me on this beautiful planet. I do not need to eat animals to survive.

And that day I went vegan, even though 99 percent of my diet was meat, and even though most other foods make me sick to my stomach.

Over the months I’ve set out to create my own foods, substitutions, learn more about how I can be a gluten-free, vegan that is enjoying life, living a healthy lifestyle, and eating deliciously.

It’s not easy, but it isn’t that hard either. Once you identify foods that truly make you sick (interfere with your ability to breathe), it isn’t that hard to give them up.

To be upfront, there are two problems I’m battling: #1 I hate to cook. #2 I hate to cook because I’m a terrible cook.

The recipes I come up with here will be ones that are easy enough that even I can make them, and delicious enough that I will actually eat them.

Full honesty here, I throw away a lot of food I make. But it’s getting better.

I made vegan fried rice and vegan spaghetti that put a smile on my face and warmed my heart.

It feels good to eat healthy and know what I’m making isn’t going to make me sick. And it also feels great knowing no animal suffered, sacrificed his or her life, or was tortured just to give me a temporary satisfaction of feeling full.

I will be using plenty of hashtags as I share what I discover along the way. And PLEASE, if you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or know something that I don’t, please leave a comment or drop me an email.

Much of this is new to me, including ingredients that I now turn to. Seriously, I should start a site called the Virgin Vegan, lol, but I’ll just stick with this.

Thanks for reading a bit about my journey, health struggles, and feel free to join in.

I need all the help I can get!


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