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As a freelance writer, mom, and entertainment junkie, my time is limited so I multi-task. I write for different sites, am still developing multiple websites, and try to get enough time in for binge-watching my favorite series. I’m a Sagitarrius and it’s rather evident in my career.

I will start on one project, get sucked into something else, and may jump from one topic (or news outlet) to another, depending on what I’m focused on.

For example, if I get caught up in a crime story, such as with the Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, or George Zimmerman trials, my writing may suddenly focus solely on that story and topic until it’s over and there is some sort of resolution. 

Not being limited to one topic or genre, my writing career has covered politics, religion, crime, entertainment, and more. I love a good viral story and was the first person to write about April the giraffe, after contacting Jordan Patch with the belief that if he made the YouTube video embeddable, the story would go viral.

Word is out!

Posted by Animal Adventure Park on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For several months, all I wrote about was April the giraffe on

As I love viral news and watching things spread online, I have a knack for knowing when something will trend. I guess I’ve just written enough stories and focused on SEO long enough to get a sense for what the public wants, needs, and really, what feeds the gossip monster. With that said, I like positive stories. 

The only time I write something dark or negative is if I’m covering crime, and honestly, I can only handle a certain amount of true crime. 

It haunts me.

I’m a positive person, very compassionate, and empathetic. I cry easily and can at times, find myself leaning on my natural empath qualities (did I mention I’m a spiritual medium too?) that cause me to essentially overreact to others pain and anguish. 

If I’m writing true crime, I can take on the pain of those I’m writing about and it’s a heavy thing to deal with. When covering the Jodi Arias trial, I began dreaming about Travis Alexander and it was a bit overwhelming. I say this to let you know that while I was the Tampa Bay Crime Examiner for, and it was a very important time in my life, I had to make a conscious decision to stop writing about crime.

Maybe one day I will return to more crime stories, and I do have some crime articles on this site, but they are sparing and few and far in between. I simply cannot emotionally handle writing true crime like I did in the past.

I have seen too many autopsy photos, covered too many missing children cases that had horrific results, and watched too many people walk free without true justice to make this my life’s work.

Recently, I’ve been contracted to write celebrity news at Celebrity Insider. As someone who likes to focus on the positive, as opposed to negative news, I’m not the one who wants to sit down and write celebrity gossip pieces that drag people down.

I’m not your next Perez Hilton, nor do I aspire to be.

Sure, there are stories that aren’t so pleasant, and I will ask tough questions during an interview, but I do not equate ruining people’s lives by dragging them down so page views can go up as a success.

If you grant me an interview, you’ll actually find that there are no tricks up my sleeves, and I’m not going to sell you out so that profits rise.

Maybe it’s because I’m an empath, maybe it’s just me. But first and foremost, I believe in things like humanity, compassion, and simple kindness.

You never know what someone is going through in life, and I’ll be damned if I write something online that pushes someone to their breaking point.

So while I love celebrity news and even gossip, you’ll find my approach is different. I always ask readers to consider that the person in the article is a human being, might be suffering in ways you can’t imagine, and always try to connect with my audience through simply being kind.

In addition to my online writing gigs, I have several novels in the works that will be self-published via Amazon. 

I’ve successfully written a faith-based grant that awarded a Tampa Bay homeless shelter over $50,000 and I’m proud of that. It was a one-time thing and I’m not sure if I’ll ever approach grant writing again, but I’m glad that I did it and that Tampa Bay was helped through it.

One day, my autobiography will hit the stands. I was abandoned as an infant, raised for seven years by my great grandmother and great aunt, am 3/4 white and 1/4 black, my African American ancestry includes notable ancestors such as the Bruce family, poet Richard Bruce Nugent (who was part of New York’s Harlem Renaissance) and dancer Gary Lambert “Pete Peaches” Nugent (his brother) who was a groundbreaking tap dancer. 

I have been asked, seriously, not to write my autobiography until certain people have passed away because the truth of child abuse and neglect simply isn’t a pretty tale. 

Still, I have a story to tell and a life full of adventures beginning as a teen runaway who at 15 became pregnant, had her first child at 16, got married, joined a succession of spiritually abusive churches that borderlined cults, had six children, divorced, remarried, had two more, and somehow ended up where I am today.

Though I have a degree in theology, I am no longer ascribed to any religion.

As for being psychic? You tell me.

In the “church” I was called out as a prophet, while I was submissive to their authority. Out of the church, I’m a psychic. In the church, a psychic is a “witch” at best or demon-possessed. I’ve been told I’m both from pastors and congregants who would probably benefit from cleaning their own houses before judging others.

People who know me have always said things like, “OMG, how did you know that. Are you psychic?”

I don’t know what I am. 

I’m me. But if you hang around me, you’ll probably say something along the same lines. It’s just been that way all my life and granted, you’ll hear more about it one day, in my writings.

I applied for a job as a psychic medium, gave readings on people via their names alone, and got hired. 

Again, you tell me.

But, all of these experiences make me who I am today, and they will be in the book. However; like I said, I do not aim to hurt people or create drama, no matter how much pain I personally experienced as a child. 

So yes, the book is coming, after certain people pass away. That’s my courtesy of respect to people who most likely don’t deserve an ounce of consideration on my part.

Until then, you can read me online, or maybe find some more personal tidbits and anecdotes from my life here.

Or maybe, you’ll want to head on over to

Then I can read you.