Secrets Of Success: What You Tolerate, You Elevate

In order to be a success, you need to take a look at the things you tolerate. Toleration is not the same as celebration. While there has been a growing movement that teaches tolerance, the word does not suggest something positive. There are many things that we deal with on a daily basis or put up with that robs us of our energy. We tolerate other people’s negative attitudes and poor behavior while sacrificing our own happiness. In order to achieve the level of success we are aiming for, we have to put our proverbial foot down and stop tolerating those things that drain our life and create a negative atmosphere.

Our lives are filled with little tasks and mundane details that are performed on a daily basis. Many people overlook the importance of these tasks when considering their personal success. In order to be truly successful, you must have mastery over an area of your life. If there is something that seems small or minor, yet is draining your energy, then it must be dealt with. We tolerate little things and big things every day, failing to recognize the burden these tasks place on our mind and energy. If there is something that bothers you on a continual basis, you must deal with it. You must solve the problem and if it can’t be solved, then a change is in order.

Begin by assessing your life, habits, and daily routine. Is there something you’ve been putting off doing? Maybe there are tasks you need to accomplish but never get around to finishing? In order to be truly successful, you must become a person who deals with situations as they arise. It doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning out a closet, organizing a garage or filing your tax returns. The things we put off doing and avoid bog us down and create negative energy. One of the best ways to remove unwanted stress in life is to stop tolerating or putting up with things you don’t appreciate. If you need to be more organized, then do it. If you need to remove certain, negative people from your life then do that as well. By taking control of your life, environment, and relationships, you will pave the way to achieve success.

You might be surprised that some of the things you thought were most difficult to tackle were much easier to deal with. Creating a list is a great way to assess the things in your life creating conflict or negative energy. Don’t worry about how small or large the issue is. Write them down then begin to address them. You’ll feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment as you check off each item. Additionally, as you tackle the issues that have been robbing you of your energy, you’ll reclaim a sense of power and purpose. You’ll also find your stress level drastically reduces and you’ll enjoy a general sense of peace and well-being.

Tolerating situations that drain your energy not only creates a negative environment but also robs you of your self-esteem. When you surround yourself with people who do not celebrate you but only tolerate you, it is a reflection of the way you view yourself. If you want people to treat you better, then you have to remove those people who treat you poorly. You can politely explain your position to the people in your life who are causing negativity, but that doesn’t mean you can make them change. Accept the fact that not all relationships are healthy or nurturing. It might be difficult to make a change, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Your life is too short to spend it surrounded by negative people who hinder your success, rob you of your self-esteem, and make you feel less than the wonderful person you truly are. Remember, what you tolerate you elevate. If you put up with it, it will continue and become the normal situation. The only way to stop the cycle is to remove the problem. Sometimes the only way to change a negative situation into a positive one is to remove yourself.

What you Tolerate you Elevate

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