Watch These Time Travel Incidents Caught On Tape — They Might Make You A Believer?

Time travel is the science fiction concept or belief that people may journey from one period in time back or forward to another. The concept has been a favorite in fiction novels for centuries  (The Time Machine, A Wrinkle In Time) and many classic stories include the use of time traveling. While many people believe that time travel is a fictitious concept that makes for great story-telling or a theory that might prove possible one day in the future, there are many who not only believe time travel is possible, but are convinced that it has happened and caught on tape. The following contains videos that have gone viral as many people sincerely believe that what follows is evidence or proof that time travel is real.

In most time travel alleged incidents, the military is often involved. Some involve supposed experiments conducted in the United States, others in Russia. Whether these are real time traveling incidents caught on tape is up to you to decide, as there is no science that can prove or discredit the possibility of time travel. There are many alternative theories and explanations that many have used to explain the scenarios you’ll see depicted below, but no one knows for sure just what was going on. In some of the videos, you’ll see people allegedly using technology that wasn’t available at the time the videos were recorded. Could there be other logical explanations for what is depicted in the videos? Maybe, and if you have an alternative theory, feel free to leave it in the comments below. For the record, many conspiracy theorists believe that time travel along with instant teleportation will be the technology of the future and how countries will gain ultimate power.

If time travel is real, it would make sense that modern-day technology would capture some of these events and instances on video. However; in a time when everyone can use photoshop and has access to video editing capabilities, it’s also very easy to fake a video.  The following videos may be fake, or they may be real examples of time travel. You can decide what you believe, but one thing is certain — they are definitely conversation starters. 

Here are time traveling videos that just might convince you the concept is real, especially when you watch the videos as is, without any background or follow up information. However; I can’t simply watch a video without trying to dig into the who, what, where, when, how, and why of the situation. Some of the videos do not have information that will lead you to know when it was originally posted, who the people are in the video, or how it came to surface. Others do. I have included the videos along with links to any information that I could find reported on each story. Also included are the time traveler videos that went viral then later were proved to be hoaxes. It’s interesting to note; however, that when a conspiracy theory is believed, those who are convinced of its legitimacy will not believe any supported evidence discrediting its credibility. For the die-hard faithful, the real hoax is trying to disprove the authenticity of the conspiracy theory.

Shall we begin?

1. Andrew D. Basiago the Time Traveler of the New Millenium 

Andrew D. Basiago is a self-professed time traveler who has amassed quite the following of fans and believers. He’s been running for president and has already started his bid for the 2020 presidential campaign. I don’t know, but with Donald Trump’s ratings, maybe Basiago actually has a chance.

Basiago actually ran for president in 2016 and granted several interviews where he not only explained his views about time travel but indicated he was involved in a military program as a child called Project Pegasus. Gizmodo reported that Basiago is certain he will become either president or vice president somewhere between 2016 and 2028, because well, you know, he’s seen the future. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get an exact reading on the year or position he held. You can get more information on Basiago’s from the Huffington Post’s report.

What’s really fascinating about Basiago, is he’s a Seattle, Washington lawyer and is apparently well respected, even in light of his strange childhood and accounts of personally witnessing Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address when he was 10-years-old. He says the U.S. government used children to test out time travel and he was sent by the U.S. military back to the year 1863. He claims to be the young child in the infamous Gettysburg Address photo (see the photo below).

He led the Project Pegasus website that is now offline, but you may see an archived copy on the Wayback Machine. Another of Basiago’s claims is that there is life on Mars. He also states President Barack Obama was involved in a program where he time-traveled or teleported to Mars. How does Basiago know this? Well, he saw Obama there on one of the Mars’ missions.

It might not come as a surprise that one of Basiago’s most prominent campaign pledges is forcing the U.S. government to come clean with their projects, past experiences with time travel, and quantum transparency. He also wants Edward Snowden to receive a full presidential pardon and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Since Basiago is seen as a whistleblower, it makes sense he wants to see other whistleblowers recognized.

Watch some of these videos with Basiago as he explains his views on time travel and his claims of being a child participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus.

Here’s another video about Basiago and Project Pegasus.




2. Time Traveler at the 1995 Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeely Fight

On August 19, 1995, Mike Tyson fought Peter McNeely in a Las Vegas fight. Video footage of the event captured what appeared to be a person in the front row, filming the fight on a camera phone. The only problem is that camera phones weren’t invented in 1995. A video showing the rare sighting was uploaded to YouTube in September 2005, and subsequently when viral. Millions have watched the video with many agreeing that the person seen in the video was filming the event. The belief by many is that a time traveler was in the audience filming the event.

The video is not edited, and there really is someone in the audience holding a device while watching the event. While many die hards are convinced that it is a time traveler, other theories say there is a logical explanation. Camera phones did not hit the market until 2000, but there were several phones in circulation back in 1995. It is believed that the person watching the game wasn’t a time traveler, but a spectator using a Casio QV-10 A, a Casio QV-100, or the Dycam Logitech Fotoman. The Dycam Logitech Fotoman video recorder was on the market in 1991, making it the perfect choice for this sporting event. As far as I can tell, the person who was seen in this video has yet to come forward and state for certain whether he was using the handheld Fotoman or even one of the earlier Casio QV models.

You can see the video along with an Inside Edition report that addresses the time traveler theories and offers alternative reasons. What do you think? Is this an example of a time traveler using a smart phone? Check out the Digicam history site for a better look at the technology that was available at the time of the Tyson vs. McNeely 1995 boxing match.


3. Time Traveling Ghost Running Through Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia

In April 2014, CCTV footage captured a bizarre sight that has caused many to believe a time traveling human, or even ghost was captured on video. The incident took place at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia and pitted Bolivia’s El Tigre against Uruguay’s Defensor Sporting team. The CCTV footage aired live on the Fox Vivo network and quickly spooked those watching who were convinced they had witnessed something supernatural. You may see the video footage as it streamed live below.

The figure seemed to pass through bodies, the fencing that separated the stadium, and through the other spectators without being noticed or sensed by onlookers. This has caused many to believe it was a time traveler due to the speed in which the figure ran. Others suspected that it was a ghost. To this day, many people have expressed through comments that they find this video disturbing and aren’t sure what they are seeing. Those who discredit the time traveling ghost theories say that it was simply a shadow passing through the crowds.

What do you think? Is this an example of time travel?

4. Charlie Chaplin The Circus 1928 Movie Premiere Time Traveler on Cell Phone

Did the 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie premiere for The Circus inadvertently show a time traveler speaking on a cell phone? The movie is one of the most well-known in history, but it wasn’t until filmmaker George Clarke watched the video of the premiere that he noticed the extra in the background. The video appears to show a woman walking past a figurine of a zebra and appears to be holding a handheld object to her ear. Unlike the Mike Tyson video, you aren’t able to see what the object is. Many believers in time travel think that she is a woman from the future, going back in the past to give present day viewers clues that she did, in fact, travel in time.

Others suspect that she is holding some type of hearing aid or device that would have been on the market in 1928. The video below explains the scene as a woman who is simply scratching her head. Watch the video below and then share your thoughts and views. What do you think? Do you believe this is a time traveler? You can see more alleged instances of time travel in Charlie Chaplin films in the link.

5. Chinese Teleportation/Time Traveler Rescues Human on Motorbike from Oncoming Vehicle Accident

This video has many people believing that an angel, alien, or very concerned time traveler stepped into oncoming traffic to save the life of a human who was about to get smashed by a truck. The video has gone viral and millions believe it is a wonderful example of time traveling as well as teleportation. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the origins of the video it’s a promotional video for a Chinese video game. You may see the video below.

Sadly, this is not an example of teleportation or time travel, but very clever marketing for the video game Dragon Totem Girl (Zhu Xian 2). You can see the video on the original website as well as below. Though this isn’t a time traveling angel or alien saving a human from impending danger, it is a great marketing campaign.

6. Russian Bicyclist Appears Out of Nowhere, He must be a Time Traveler

The following video is believed to have been taken in Russia, but I was unable to locate any verifying information regarding the filming, where it was located, and who the people were in the video. The video has gone viral with many people believing that a bicyclist was teleported from one location to the scene. You may see the video below that does appear to show a bicyclist appearing out of thin air. However, those who have watched the video and are looking for a logical explanation believe the bicyclist was behind one of the men the entire time and due to camera angles, appeared hidden from view. You may watch the video below.

7. Russian Ghost Car Nearly Takes Out BMW Is It a Time Traveler?

The Russian ghost car video went viral and like the previous story may be a case of camera angles and optical illusions. Also like the above viral, it is unclear exactly where the video was filmed or who the people were involved in the incident, though it is highly believed to have been filmed in Russia.

In the following video, you can see a BMW pull out on a road believed to be in Moscow, Russia, when a car appears out of nowhere and nearly takes out the BMW. Reports indicate the video was filmed by someone in a car behind the BMW. Some think the car appeared out of nowhere because a time traveler was suddenly teleported on to the street. 

What do you think? Is this an example of a real life Back to the Future? Check out the video below.

8. Håkan Nordkvist, the Time Traveler who Went to the Future, Met Himself and Videotaped It

Håkan Nordkvist is a man who claims to know that time travel is real based on his firsthand experience. He described his experience that is a bit reminiscent to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. According to Nordkvist, he attempted to fix a pipe under his sink, when he stumbled upon a wormhole or portal that he traveled in. At one point, he saw a bright light, could stand up and saw himself in the future. The video has gone viral with countless pointing to it as being proof that humans can time travel to the future.

According to a Snopes message board, the video is actually a Swedish commercial. Though no one could prove for certain whether Nordkvist even exists, there were many people who said there was a series of commercials produced in Sweden for the AMF Financial Service. Still, some are convinced this is a real example of time travel. 

What do you think? Check out the video below.


9. Woman Who Appears to be Talking on Cell Phone in 1938 Movie

A 1938 movie shows a woman leaving a factory with a group of other women while she appears to be talking on a cell phone. The video has stunned many people and they think it is possibly a time traveler who has brought the handheld device with her back into the past. A YouTube user named Planetcheck came forward to say that the woman seen in the video was her great grandmother Gertrude Jones. She also claimed that she worked at the Dupont factory and was using an early model, wireless phone. The information has been challenged by time traveler believers and conspiracy theorists.

The Hagley Museum fact checked the information Planetcheck provided in order to see if any of her claims lined up. You can find out more about the Hagley Museum’s findings here. Though Planetcheck took her videos and posts down, the Daily Mail wrote about the story and saved some of the posts. Check out the video below and let me know what you think. Do you believe that this was an early cell phone, or do you think it’s a time traveler?

10. Time Traveling Ghost Walks Through Walls, Door in CCTV Video

A video showing what many believe appears to be a time traveling ghost walking through a store’s locked doors has gone viral. A man is seen sleeping on the ground, and two passersby look toward the store then continue walking before another man appears on the screen. The third man walks straight through the locked doors and enters the store.

What has made this video get the attention of time travelers is that the timestamp on the CCTV footage fluctuates between the years 2016 and 2019 as the man walks in and leaves the store. Interestingly, he comes out of the store with a snack.

I couldn’t find any information on this video, yet many people believe it is heavily edited. Others think it is a definite sign that time travel is possible.

What do you think? Check out the video below.


What are your thoughts on time travel? Do you believe these videos are evidence of time travel or optical illusions? Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. 





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