Why I Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements With High-Profile Tarot Reading Clients

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To some, tarot may be a gimmick or a parlor trick used to entertain.

Those who allow me the pleasure of reading for them quickly discover this is not a gimmick, but a way to connect with your higher self and gain wisdom while you travel your life’s path.

Due to the accuracy and insight gained from the prophetic insight of the tarot, the reading often leads to a clear focus on your path.

Hidden blockages are often made plain and clarity becomes easily seen.

The tarot is a spotlight on areas of your life that need to be fine-tuned. Sometimes a complete change of direction is in order.

Those in a high-profile situation often feel uncomfortable with the possibility that these insights could become public.

Tarot reader Charisse Van Horn will sign an NDA for any client who is concerned with the confidentiality of his or her reading.

If you want to schedule a reading, you may contact me via email: tarotreadercharisse@gmail.com by phone: 1-727-900-5069 or through Facebook messenger.


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