Abundance Self-Hypnosis Dream Turned Nightmare: Murder And Mayhem

I woke up early this morning and did a little bit of work. After several hours I decided I would go back to sleep and get a few more hours of precious zzz’s in before it was REALLY time to wake up. Insomnia hits harder as we age and I’ve been sucker-punched.

Enjoying a good new-age soundtrack to set my dreams to, I typically prefer spa music, dolphins and whales playing for eight hours (I’ve yet to finish the track) and various sounds of nature. I decided to get some positive affirmations in for the next few hours and have an “Abundance” playlist set on my Alexa via Echo Studio. 

What could go wrong?

It’s sleep. It’s subliminal messages. It’s positive affirmations. 

Apparently, everything.

The soundtrack played its way into my dream and in my sleep, there was a woman who continually spoke the mantras repeatedly.

“I am rich.”  “I have more than enough money to meet my needs.” “The universe is abundant and has everything I need”…you get the point.

Now, it wasn’t actually my intention to embody this woman’s voice as a woman in my dream, I thought the positive mantras would just work their way into my subconscious and give me a little more dedication to work harder or come up with some additional business ventures since my self-confidence would be on point to achieve success — that is what I thought would happen.

What happened was far…I repeat…far from that.

I don’t know at what point I began this dream because my playlist went through several tracks before reaching the point of this insidious woman who continually spoke the same mantras repeatedly.

There was a red car. I remember the car vividly as it was a bit more burgundy than red. An older man was standing next to the back door. He was older, I would say in his 80s and had dementia.

For some reason, I wanted to offer him comfort and I hugged him, before the woman came up to me, pushed me out of the way and put the man in the backseat of the car. She strapped him in, locked the door — all the while repeating her mantras, “I have everything I need.” “I am abundant.” “I am rich.” “I have more than enough to meet my need.”

She kept repeating the mantra and I watched as she somehow set the car in motion and it went up a cliff and down a hill.

I had witnessed this woman murder her father so she could get her inheritance because she believed so deeply that this “abundance” was hers she was willing to do anything in her power to get it.

Now, I had become a witness to the crime.

The woman had some sort of hold over me and she had me follow her back to her house. 

She wasn’t a millionaire but she had servants. Some of the servants were asking where her father was and all she could do was repeat the mantras.

Meanwhile, in my dream, I was arguing with the mantras that she kept repeating saying how it’s downright selfish and evil to want money so bad you would commit murder and I kept worrying about her father and knew that it was too late for anyone to save him.

Then, another servant came up to the woman and asked her if she had really taken her father outside during the Coronavirus pandemic. She called the man by his name (that I can’t remember) and said that he shouldn’t have been exposed to Coronavirus.

All the while, the woman continued to speak in only mantras and never addressed any questions without using one of the mantras.

Again, in my dream, I began to argue with the mantra and had a philosophical discussion with myself and then the servant about the people who were suffering from being out of work due to the pandemic and how all of this “abundance” self-hypnosis meant nothing to those trying to put food on the table.

In the last part of the dream, I was trying to get one of the servants to find the police and arrest this woman for what she did to her father.

Needless to say, I won’t be listening to that “Abundance” self-hypnosis, positive affirmation soundtrack again.

When I woke up, I thought about Ecclesiastes 1 and 2.

I prefer the World English Bible.



Ecclesiastes 2:3-11

I searched in my heart how to cheer my flesh with wine, my heart yet guiding me with wisdom, and how to lay hold of folly, until I might see what it was good for the sons of men that they should do under heaven all the days of their lives. 

I made myself great works. I built myself houses. I planted myself vineyards. 

I made myself gardens and parks, and I planted trees in them of all kinds of fruit. 

I made myself pools of water, to water the forest where trees were grown. 

I bought male servants and female servants, and had servants born in my house. I also had great possessions of herds and flocks, above all who were before me in Jerusalem. 

I also gathered silver and gold for myself, and the treasure of kings and of the provinces. I got myself male and female singers, and the delights of the sons of men: musical instruments, and that of all sorts. 

So I was great, and increased more than all who were before me in Jerusalem. My wisdom also remained with me. 

10 Whatever my eyes desired, I didn’t keep from them. I didn’t withhold my heart from any joy, for my heart rejoiced because of all my labor, and this was my portion from all my labor. 

11 Then I looked at all the works that my hands had worked, and at the labor that I had labored to do; and behold, all was vanity and a chasing after wind, and there was no profit under the sun.



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.