Choose Happiness

Everyone can look back over their past and find something that will make them unhappy. Our lives are filled with just as much pain as joy and if we let the negative take hold, we will never find happiness. Some people simply don’t believe they deserve to be happy, therefore they are caught in a cycle of self-punishment . 

Maybe they feel guilty about something, maybe they have low self-esteem. Whatever the reason, sorrow begins to overtake them and cloud their mind and way of thinking.

Every day is a new beginning and every day you hold the power to create a new destiny for yourself. Wherever you are in life and whatever you are dealing with, begin by choosing to be happy. 

You only have one life and you do not have to live it in sorrow, suffering and misery.

Give yourself permission to be happy.

You deserve it.



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.