Covid 19 Fears Continue As Austria Puts Unvaccinated On Lockdown

Covid 19 fears continue as Austria puts their unvaccinated residents on lockdown. It’s hard to believe the world is entering its third year of the deadly novel Coronavirus virus that has claimed more than five million lives worldwide. Chief of these is: ‘When will it end?’ and at thsi point, nothing is certain. Once upon a time, health experts issued the call for everyone to get vaccinated for othen the world wouuld reach herd immunity. That hasn’t happened and the debate regarding vaccinations has hit a fever pitch, leaving some who have chosen not to take the vaccine, screaming their civil rights aren’t being protected.

Aaron Rodgers made headlines when it was learned he misled the NFL and public about his vaccination status with some calling for his NFL removal. Some unvaccinated are in hiding, living in fear they will be found out, rounded up, and forced to take the shot against their will. Conspiracy theories abound regarding the role FEMA will play if herd immunity doesn’t happen. Some say the government will then herd up the unvaccinated like cattle and ship them to destinations similar to those of NAZI Germany.

And now, all eyes are back on Germany and its neighboring country Austria.

With ony 65 percent of Austria vaccinated, the government has stepped in and placed millions of unvaccinated people on lockdown. The move has a ripple effect in the United States as some feel it’s a precursor of things to come. 

For now, Austria is leading the way in the unprecedented move to combat Covid’s spread, especially as the holidays are upon us. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are considered superspreader events.

Fall is a time when most people prepare for the seasonal flu by taking a vaccine and as the holidays quickly approach, fears of another Covid wave with dangerous spikes continue to rise.

You may see NBC News’s report featuring the current Austrian lockdown in the video player below.



What do you think? Do you fear another COVID wave this holiday season?



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.