Crazy End-of-the-World Dream

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid and surreal that it stayed with you throughout the day? 

I had one of those dreams last night (June 2). It was absolutely bizarre, yet real and at points terrifying…so terrifying, I’m going to write it down.

First, what I remember about this dream was that I had to go to Tampa and ended up at a courthouse. It was very early, I went inside, and there was a judge sitting at a desk, but it was as if the judge was a receptionist or a greeter at an information desk.

He then told me I had come in on the wrong day and to leave and come back.

But he was creepy and I saw a woman in the corner of his office and I had a bad feeling about him, but I left.

As soon as I left the courthouse, the sky was pitch black. It was about 8:30 a.m. and people were panicking.

When I had arrived at the courthouse, it was morning time and the sun was out and shining, but now it was complete and total darkness.

People were running scared and some asked if it was a tornado or hurricane.

I looked up and saw a tree, over to the west and the top of the tree was on fire. It was almost like it was glowing.

I pointed to the tree on fire and people were screaming.

I then looked towards the east and the moon was on fire. At this point, I believed Armageddon was coming, and I started screaming like a banshee…”I’m sorry Jesus, forgive me Jesus…” I half near expected to see Jesus crack through the sky on a white horse.

I had my cell phone and tried to call my kids but there was no connection so I started running (everyone was running)…

Along the way, I found a stranded Mexican boy and a little blonde haired girl with brown eyes…both were lost and couldn’t find their parents so I took them with me.

I ended up on a street and found an open house and went inside. I looked around for food to give these kids, crying because I couldn’t find my own kids.

Then, I looked out the window and it was raining…it was pouring down and now it was flooding. I got these kids settled and did my best to calm them down and gave them something to eat, then went outside and saw other people putting sandbags outside their homes, but I didn’t have sandbags…

Next thing I knew, I was at a college campus and saw my son. Only at this college campus young students were being shot and were lying on the ground. My son looked at me, told me to get down and said, “The government is doing this, Mom.”

Then, there were soldiers marching and it was like World War II. Like Nazis marching on this college campus shooting students at will. My son and I were on the ground feigning that we were dead. 

After the soldiers moved clear enough away we dragged ourselves slowly on the ground.

There was a body on the ground of a college boy and I was deeply grieved but knew I couldn’t cry or I would be spotted. I decided to put some of his blood on my face so if a soldier would pass by they would think I was dead.

I put my hand on his body to take some of his blood and something happened and he started moving, like he was still alive…but now he was making a lot of noise and I had to get out of there before the soldiers came over to shoot him again.

So now, my son and I are panicked and trying to crawl away from this guy, and I kept telling him, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you have to be quiet, they will kill you, please be quiet.

I dragged myself away and then it was like I was in a jungle and my son wasn’t with me anymore.

I looked and saw a lizard that was about the size of a man. The lizard was bright green, like you would expect an anole lizard or chameleon to be. It looked very similar to a chameleon but stood up like a man.

The lizard creature looked at me and cocked it’s head to the side. It had a very long tongue and was collecting fruit from trees with it. When it saw me, he unfurled his tongue and it stretched out about 20 feet and stuck itself to my arm.

I didn’t want to hurt it, so I gingerly pried it’s stickiness off my arm, looked at him and said, “Sorry, dude. I’m not food.”

The lizard looked at me again, cocked it’s head, and stuck it’s tongue out, again attaching itself to my arm.

A second time, I looked at it, removed the tongue and said, “I’m not your food.”

I began walking and was walking under a canopy of trees when I realized the trees had no bark to them. The trees were made of snakes, but not really snakes, more like serpents. They were giant but they looked different than a boa, cobra, or python, their heads were extremely large and more of a rounded shape…the only way to describe it is they were like tree snakes…like all these snakes formed the tree, yet they had heads and were alive.

I muttered something about how creepy the snakes were and passed another tree that formed a heart shaped arch, but still it was made of the tree snake creatures.

Again, the dream changed and now I was approached by a woman who looked like a Nazi nurse. She was walking up ahead, saw me, then walked straight over to me and I was terrified.

There was nothing I could do and I didn’t try to fight her, I just went with her.

She brought me into a room that looked somewhat like a waiting room, but also functioned as a lab.

She then said to me, “We can’t understand your skin. It is different.”

And I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about, then realized in my dream that I had just been diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS…and this is true)..and said, “Oh, that must be the hEDS. Yeah, my skin doesn’t make collagen right.”

She looked at me quizzically, like you would expect a doctor, nurse, or scientist to, and said, “And do your children have this condition?”
I answered truthfully and said, “I believe they do, yes.”

She started scribbling in a notebook then told someone to find all of my children and grandchildren and to make sure they weren’t harmed. 

She then said she was going to need my DNA and again I was terrified, thinking she was going to put me through some type of Mengele experiment, but she just scraped some skin cells off my arm with a straw-like suction thingamajig.

Then she said, “What do you know about Emma and the compact?” 

Now Emma is my step-granddaughter and I was like..”What are you talking about?” 

Then the woman accused my teen daughter of “stealing the compact” and every time I spoke and defended my daughter, she would scribble in her notepad.

Then she was asking questions like, “Do you feel angry when I accuse your daughter of stealing?” And she kept staring at me and scribbling in her pad.

Then I looked and Emma’s mother was sitting in the next chair (it was like a waiting room, and she had a window and I guess she was talking to some nurse too)…so then Emma’s mother started getting angry and a fight almost broke out, all the while this Nazi looking woman was scribbling in her notepad.

I then asked why she was concerned about my skin and my children’s skin and she said they were just working on a project.

She said that they found all my children and I needed to go with her for the next phase of the project.

When she stood up, the back of her shirt was exposed and there was a mirror and her back was covered in weird looking boils and hair…

Then, this woman drove me in a truck to a house and led the way, and all my kids were there and my husband.

This woman then marched into my daughter’s room, came out holding a compact and said, “Aha, your daughter is a thief, here is the compact!”

I was trying to tell my husband not to say anything because the government was killing people, but it was too late and he started going off on the woman. He was demanding she get out of my daughter’s room and get the hell out of the house. 

The woman then stopped, and just scribbled in her notebook again.

Then my husband went to yell at her some more and some really weird babbling came out that was 100 percent unintelligible and again, she scribbled in her notebook.

Then the woman looked at me and said, “Does he always do that when he’s angry?”

I didn’t say anything.

She scribbled in her notebook again and muttered to herself.

And then I woke up.

And I have been thinking about this insane, crazy dream all day.





Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.