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SUBSCRIBE to Truly: AT 19 years old, Lily Zaremba was just another college student – broke, stressed and juggling her studies and working at a restaurant. Growing up in government housing, Lily always felt that her ambitions were limited. She said: "I was working tons of jobs. I was always the hardest worker in the room." Lily describes what happened next as a chance encounter coming at the right time. Through a friend she followed online, Lily was introduced to the world of investing and multi-level marketing and investing. Lily added: "When I came across this field of making your money online, being an online entrepreneur and investing, at first I was sceptical. And I just really had to put my head down and block out all the negativity. And just know that my results will speak for themselves. I had to do the sleepless nights." Within just three years, the 22-year-old has now become a six-figure earner and a mentor to thousands of people around the world to do the same. Lily has created her brand, GCM, which stands for 'game changer millionaires', and she leads a team of mentees who are following in her footsteps. "I'm the bold leader. I'm the fearless leader. I'm the leader that will never give up on anyone," Lily said. "I'm the one that keeps going even after the finish line." Follow Lily: Videographer: Michael Sweeney Producers: Joel Ross & Natalia Giorgi
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