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SUBSCRIBE to Truly: APOLLONIA Llewellyn has made over £100,000 from her OnlyFans account in the last 12 months. The already successful bikini and fashion model joined the platform 18 months ago, six months before the global pandemic. She says: “The first six months were quite successful, then lockdown happened and boom my profits started to soar." Having started modelling for local brands aged 14, Apollonia turned it into a full time career after winning the World Teen Supermodel UK crown at 17 years old. That said, Apollonia never could have dreamed she’d be as successful as she is now, and as such, she likes to treat herself to designer clothes and recently even bought a luxury sports car, that she of course had wrapped in pink. Today, Truly meets Apollonia at her home in the UK, where we’ll follow her to her studio and see her in action at a photoshoot. Check Apollonia out here:
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