He Gave Me A Lap Dance – And We Fell In Love | LOVE DON’T JUDGE


SUBSCRIBE to Truly: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj LOVE at first glance, says Shannon Lawson, who was smitten with Dreamboys creative director Jordan Darrell even before he slid towards her on his knees on stage and gave her a lap dance. The pair met when Shannon saw Jordan perform and was quick to keep in touch before the end of the night. Fast forward a couple of years and the pair are engaged and have had their adorable son Ruben. But as much as it was a new love, it was also a new career for Shannon, who decided to get into exotic dancing herself after seeing Jordan strut his stuff while they were dating. Now, the couple are both working in the industry but are still being targeted by people online saying that they can't be good parents because of the work they do. Regardless of the judgment they receive, they say they have built their own family bubble and are thriving in their careers, refusing to let trolls stamp on the life they have built together. Shannon said: "The very first time I met Jordan was at one of his strip shows, my first thought and impression was that this guy is a bit of me." Jordan said: "I was a professional dancer and got into stripping by auditioning with my friend. We absolutely, in my words, killed that audition and then the rest is history, now I take my clothes off every day of the week." Shannon added "We just had a conversation one day and I said I really want to try it. I have tried other things, but stripping was like the one thing that I hadn't tried and I really did want to give it a go." Socials: Shannon's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shann.lawson/?hl=en
Jordan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordandarrell/?hl=en
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Dreamboys web: https://www.dreamboys.co.uk Videographer: Peter Tat
Producers: Daniel Coles, Alicia Bailey
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