Life Is a Journey: Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

In order to truly live, we must go through times when we fall. Life is a journey and it isn’t a straight plane upward. There are setbacks, times we go two steps forward and three steps back. We wonder where we are and why we haven’t reached our destination.
In those moments you must look for strength to keep going. You may look outside of yourself as well as within to gain the strength and courage to keep going. You can do it.
Just know that wherever you are, you are on your journey. It is never too late to take that step towards your destination. Don’t let anything get in your way.
No matter how many times you start over, just keep going. I promise that you will get there if you do.
The below quote from Nelson Mandala reminds us that it isn’t how many times we fall that defines us, but how many times we get up. Sometimes, our “getting up” is a process.
Sometimes we find it is easier to just stay where we are. If we get knocked down too many times, we are in danger of believing that’s where we belong — on the ground, stuck in the mud, unable to move.
One of the lies that hold people back from achieving their dreams and accomplishing their goals is the belief that “I don’t deserve it.” If you don’t believe you deserve something, you will never get it. 
In order to pick yourself up and keep moving towards your goal, you must believe that you DESERVE that goal. You must believe that you are MEANT TO ACHIEVE it. If you don’t, I can promise you that you will never find the inner strength to pick yourself up and go after what you want.
I can also promise you that life will knock you down. It’s a guarantee. That’s what life does. It doesn’t matter how much beauty you have, or if you’re the most handsome man in the room. You may have riches beyond compare, but you will still get knocked down. It’s part of the human journey.
It isn’t getting knocked down that makes anyone a “failure” (a failure is just a winner who hasn’t recognized his or her greatness yet), but it is choosing to stay where you are when you get knocked down.
Some people get knocked down and wait for someone to come by and pull them up when they need to find the inner strength to pick themselves up.
No matter what you are going through — no matter how many times life has knocked you down — believe that you deserve to get back up. Believe that this life has wonderful things to offer you and even though you might not see that right now, it is the truth. 
Better days are ahead but you have to pick yourself up and put yourself back on the journey to reach them.
You can do it. I believe in you.



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.