Make-Up Helped Me Love My Burned Face | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: A WOMAN who suffered fourth degree burns to 35% of her upper body, is embracing her new scars on social media. In December 2018, Tonya Meisenbach, from Georgia, was sitting around a fire pit when she got caught in the flames. The accident left her in a coma for two months, with severe burns across her face and chest. Tonya has recently started posting makeup tutorials on social media to celebrate her beauty, and to show how her scars don’t define her. She told Truly: “After I posted my first video, I felt empowered. I know it’s only makeup, but it’s more than that. It’s a statement that you can do whatever you want, even after your face is burned off.” Tonya’s strength and positivity has helped her journey towards self-acceptance and love. She says: “I'm proud of my scars. They show a battle that I survived and won." Follow Tonya: Videographer: Michael Catron
Producers: Milly Martin, Ruby Coote
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