Mindfulness: Grounding To The Earth 🧘

Mindfulness is a practice I highly recommend and while the word conjures images of deep thinking, I feel that mindfulness is actually a “pulling down of the mind” if you will…a grounding to the earth. Our minds are usually full of thoughts about a million different subjects at once and sometimes we need to reel it back in.

Sometimes we are juggling work, family life, online communications (yes, social media lives are now just as important as our daily lives) and that is before the pressures and stresses of life set in. In addition to the things we choose to think about, we also deal with the consequences of stress that are typically birthed in worry and fear. These can range from depression to anxiety and sometimes lead to emotional breakdowns.

In my opinion and experience, mindfulness is pulling your concentration away from the constant influx of information that passes through the mind, and becoming centered or grounded back to earth.

It’s such an easy practice and everyone can do it. When life’s stress becomes too much and we find that our conscious awareness is focused so heavily on the present that we aren’t living our lives in the now, it’s a good time to practice mindfulness.

Here’s an example of how mindfulness can help ground you to earth.

Have you ever driven your car while listening to the radio when your favorite song comes on and your focus suddenly shifts to the music? When a song you like begins playing, you start singing, meanwhile, you’re still driving the car, but you aren’t concentrating on driving.

You’re subconscious kicks in and you’re essentially driving on “autopilot.” Your mind is somewhere else, it’s focused on the song you’re listening to and singing along with.

This is a form of disassociation and it isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but it’s the part of the brain that can control more of your life than you might find gives you the best results.

This area of the brain is where hypnosis comes into play, but that’s another topic entirely.

Mindfulness is the tool used to help you switch off autopilot, and get back grounded…grounded back to earth as if your mind is a kite floating away, and you’re actively pulling on the string, bringing the mind back down to earth.

Mindfulness is a powerful weapon in life’s arsenal and though there are times when the mind simply goes through so much that it becomes difficult to focus, you can gain mastery over your mind (and in turn control of your life) by practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness will bring you back into the here and now and while there are times when it doesn’t matter much if you are consciously aware of every action you are doing, mindfulness serves two great purposes.

First, it will help you be more present for life’s situations that truly are important and most meaningful. Second, it will bring you relaxation and is a great way to combat stress.

Mindfulness is easy to start and you can begin simply by deep breathing and then focusing on the breath you take.

Here is a five minute, guided meditation that will teach you mindfulness and help you experience the benefits and results in no time at all.

Original Art by Simply Audacious Art

Have you tried mindfulness? What are your thoughts on this practice of meditation?



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.