My Fake Biceps Are Botched – Now What Do I Do? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: THE BABY Ken Doll has undergone over 80 procedures including filler, laser treatments and surgeries to achieve his ‘naturally plastic’ look. Tyler Dyvig, aka the Baby Ken Doll, 24, first had botox at the age of just 15. Since then, he has had more cosmetic procedures including; forehead reduction, pec implants and bicep implants. However, Tyler’s experience with some of his cosmetic procedures has definitely not been a smooth one. Tyler told Truly: “I used to think I was invincible. But I had some really crappy procedures, and it really opened my eyes.” Doctors believe some of the injections he received may have caused issues with his body regulating his heart rate and he has had issues with his bicep implants. Tyler is not done with cosmetic procedures yet but feels he has learned a lesson to ensure he does his research beforehand. Follow Tyler here: Jesse – Jared – Timmy – Jeremy – Videographer: Armando Aparicio
Producers: Emika Berry, Ruby Coote
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