People Said I Shouldn’t Leave The House | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: ELLAHE Haghani from Iran, was born with Sturge Weber syndrome – a rare vascular disorder that’s marked by a distinctive port-wine stain on the face. She told Truly: “When I was born it was just a discoloration to the right side, but as I grew the soft tissue began to grow and became bigger and thicker.” Having a facial difference affected Ellahe’s confidence and people would often stare at her, some even said she shouldn’t come out of the house. “It wasn’t easy for me. My birthmark did hold me back,” she explained. Doctors were too afraid to operate on Ellahe as it was deemed too risky, but that all changed when she was introduced to Dr Hamid Adib. He brought Ellahe over to the US and put her in touch with Dr Milton Waner and his team, who were able to help. So far, she’s had 25 operations and is forever grateful for the life-changing surgery. Speaking about her appearance, Ellahe said: “When I look at myself in the mirror, I love the way I look. In my own eyes, I see myself as perfect.” Follow Ellahe's journey here: and here – Videographer: Kevin Huang
Producers: Kathryn Lewsey, Natalia Giorgi
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