Poem: I Am

I am woman in the midst of the universe
Alive and electric I radiate color
My eyes are mirrors to a thousand galaxies unseen
I raise my hands to a billion stars that sparkle as moonlight beams surround me
I am Fibonacci coded in mystery and wonder
I am living geometry in perfection
I am fire, a radiant sun I stand in liquid pools of red and yellow hue
I am a delicate flower, a blend of purple, turquoise and blue
I am woven petals that speak symmetry
I whisper and the wind carries my voice to generations
I am the balance of smoothly fitted stones that defy gravity
I am a network of firing synapses intricately connected forever expanding
I am radiance, a light that glows emitting energy
I rise and dance in galaxies; the stars follow my lead
I am peace; tranquil in meditation my mind’s eye brings calm to storms
I am a rainbow, from root to crown, a perfect alignment of balance and healing
I stand upon oceans one with light and sky
I walk through painted galaxies, upon cerulean clouds and purple mist I journey to light
The midnight moon stands as witness as silver clouds take flight
I am woman in the midst of the universe

Charisse Van Horn ©2016



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.