Poem: Lost To The Grave

Lost to the Grave


Life goes on

But you’re not here

She asked me

“Why did Daddy disappear?’


Your sorrowful journey

Your walking away

How I pleaded with God

How I begged you to stay


How could you choose

To leave us alone

Your wife, your child

We were YOUR home


Why couldn’t you see

The best was yet to come

Didn’t you know

You’re more than what you’ve done


The future was promised 

I’d stay by your side

With love leading the way

With God as our guide


We would make it

If you only knew

How much I loved

And believed in you


I wanted to be the light

In the darkness you faced

I tried to dispel

Memories you couldn’t escape


I wanted to live

My life with you

I believed there was nothing

We couldn’t get through


If we were together

If we stood strong

Together we’d fight

Though the battle was long


My cries go unanswered

My grief lays bare

I reach for you in the night

But you aren’t there


You succumbed to the memories

Of your darkest days

My hero soldier

Lost to the grave


Another fallen soldier

Lost to the grave


Charisse Van Horn ©2021



Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.