Simrit Kaur: Tithai Too Samarath

I love music, I mean who doesn’t right? But more than just listening to music as a way of having fun, I enjoy changing the atmosphere or mood through music.

I’m a very spiritual person (no longer religious) and enjoy a wide array of music styles. Simrit Kaur is one of the most incredible vocalists living on planet earth. She and her husband are involved with Kundalini yoga and her music has an ethereal sound to it that will certainly change the frequency you are operating on.

This song “Tithai Too Samarath” is from Simrit’s album The Sweetest Nectar.

You may read the lyrics and the translation below. Please visit Simrit’s website for further information about her music including this song.

Tithai too samrath, jithai koee naahi
Othai tayree rakh, agnee udar maahi
Sun kay jam kay doot, naaee tayrai chhadh jaahi
Bhaujal bikham asgaah, gur shabdee paar paahi
Jin kau laggi piaaas, amrit sayee khaahi
Kal meh ayho pun gun govind gaahi
sabhsai no kirpaal samhaalay shaahi shaahi
birthaa koee na jaaee ji aavai tudh aahi


Where You are, Universal Sound, there is no one else.
There, in the fire of the mother’s womb, you protected us.
Hearing Your Name, the Messenger of Death runs away.
The impassible world ocean is crossed over, through the Sound (or Shabad).
Those who feel thirst for you, take in your ambrosial nectar.
This is an honorable act in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, to sing the mystical Song of the Sound of the Universe.
It is compassionate to all; It sustains us with each and every breath.
Those who come to Your sound with love and faith are never turned away empty-handed.




Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.