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My, so much has changed since I shared the below post three years ago. I am now a full-time tarot reader and psychic who is developing her mediumship. I still do free tarot readings, but not in exchange for Facebook reviews. (Does Facebook even have reviews anymore?) I no longer give readings on Medium.chat, but you may still get a free tarot reading from me.

Just head over to YouTube at 4 p.m. ET, M-F, and you’ll catch me live. I do music, a meditation/activation, then fifteen free tarot readings! After the free readings, I stay live on a donation basis depending upon the needs of my viewers.

Come check it out!

Here is one of my past YouTube streams. 



Update! For a limited time only, professional tarot reader Charisse Van Horn is offering free readings in exchange for Facebook reviews.This is separate from Medium Chat and all readings will take place via Facebook messenger.

You may find more information at https://www.facebook.com/tarotreadercharisse/ Simply visit the site, contact via DM and let’s start your free reading!  The readings are free, but those who want to donate after the reading are invited to via PayPal; however this is not required!

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I hope you are enjoying your visit to my website. In addition to being a freelance writer, I also conduct professional tarot card readings.

Exposed to supernatural phenomenon throughout my life, it was only within the past year that I have learned to embrace my spiritual giftings.

Since being hired as a psychic/medium, I’ve discovered that tarot is the most efficient way to provide helpful readings that assist those searching for clarity for their lives, within a selected time frame.

A reading on Medium Chat may range in time according to what the querent has specified. Those who contact me through my Facebook page can receive in-depth readings that provide a comprehensive overview of not only the querent’s journey, but solutions to issues he or she is facing.

I also use pendulums to contact those who have passed and to retrieve lost items. Of the pendulums I’ve worked with, I prefer natural amethyst and have a strong affinity and passion for crystals.

You may find me at Medium Chat or contact me through my Facebook Tarot reading page.

For a limited time, I am providing tarot readings on a donation basis. Contact me either through my email or my FB page to inquire how you can take advantage of this offer.