The Secrets To My Ultimate Summer Body | Miami Muscle

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: THE last time we saw Fafa she was in Chicago building her incredible Brazilian body. Today, Fafa is in Miami to soak up the sun, check out the hottest gyms and work on her summer shred program – ending with a photo shoot to showcase her results to her followers. Fafa told Truly: “By doing this photoshoot I hope to motivate a lot of people. I want people to contact me, because I am really here to help them. I want them to see my results so they can come to me. I am going to be able to show them what amazing things they can do for themselves.” Fafa has got her boyfriend Nick involved to help with the photoshoot, but with a lot of photos to take, let’s see if Nick can keep up… Follow Fafa here: Videographer: Carlos De Varona
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