They Said My Body Was ‘Cursed’ – But Now I’m A Model | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: A WOMAN born with a shortened leg and missing arm has defied the odds to become a fashion model. Zizipho Soldati, 26, from Johannesburg, South Africa, has phocomelia, a rare congenital condition that causes limb mutation and deformity. As a child, she was shunned by others who believed she was 'cursed'. But as she grew older, she refused to hide away her disability and proudly showed off her body in bikinis and chic outfits on social media. As an influencer and award-winning filmmaker, Zizipo strives to inspire others to follow their dreams by sharing her journey to self-acceptance and body positivity. You can follow Zizipho on Instagram: Videographer: Charles Meadows
Producers: Emilia Jiang, Charles Richards
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