Twins Spend £140K On Surgery To Look ‘Identical’ | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: TWIN sisters Daisy and Dolly have together spent £140,000 on cosmetic procedures in a bid to look as identical as possible. The 25-year-old twins, of Stockton-On-Tees, UK, started getting lip filler together at the age of 18 and have since undergone surgery together too. The twins had breast augmentations on the same day, by the same surgeon and asked for the same size and both underwent rhinoplasty surgery earlier this year – again on the same day and asked for the same shape. They describe their look as ‘hyper feminine, girly, glamorous and luxurious'. Both Dolly and Daisy are planning to have BBLs in the future, but differ on where to get them done – will Daisy be able to convince Dolly to hold off? And what will their mum think of their future plans? Daisy told Truly: “I would say our ultimate goal is to look even more identical than we are now. So we will continue getting more cosmetic procedures to look more identical.” Follow the twins on Instagram:
Dolly: Daisy: Videographer: Paul Chambers
Producers: Emika Berry
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