Watch Sea Otters Live Cam

The Sea Otter cam located at Moss Landing Harbor in Moss Landing, California is now live. The area is home to approximately 129 sea otters and the cam provides perfect viewing for anyone interested in watching these beautiful animals in their native element. Considered the largest concentration of sea otters along the California coast, watching these animals in their natural habitat is not only educational but enjoyable as well.

Many people find that taking a break to commune with nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress. That isn’t as easy as it used to be in our modern world. 

For some, communing with nature is a brief walk outside or a view outside a window. The Internet provides a window to the world and thanks to live cams, such as the Sea Otter live cam that is located at Elkhorn Slough, people around the world can virtually commune with nature in real-time.

The Elkhorn Slough is a tidal salt marsh located outside of Monterey Bay. In addition to sea otters, the marsh is home to numerous wildlife and sea creatures including harbor seals, sea lions, pelicans, egrets, and more. 

Sea otters are known for their playful characteristics and antics. These funny critters of the sea are certain to entertain, even if they are unaware they are being live-streamed 24-7.

Sea otters can weigh up to 90 pounds and some of the otters you are likely to see may weigh between 50 and 90 pounds!

Sea otters are a protected species — they are threatened and people need to be made aware of their plight. They are part of the Mustelidae family and are closely related to weasels, badgers, skunks, and even wolverines!

Ninety-percent of the world’s total sea otter population lives in Alaska. This is why you find sea otters along the California coast. 

Sea otter week is held the last week of every September to help raise awareness for these adorable and funny creatures.

You may watch the live-streaming Sea Otter cam from Moss Landing in the video player below.


View of a pair of funny sea otters (Enhydra lutris) swimming on a pond.

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Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.