Why Your Business Needs Handwritten Greeting Cards For Customers And Clients

They say that cursive writing and even handwriting is a dying art. Though that may be true in some public school systems, it doesn’t hold true when it comes to business. Customers and clients both love and appreciate well-thought out, handwritten greeting cards, thank you notes, holiday cards, sympathy messages and more. The world is quickly turning digital and more businesses rely on electronic email than ever before. Although a quick email is one way to stay in touch with customers and clients, it certainly isn’t the best way to create a personalized, meaningful relationship with them.

By sending personalized greeting cards for customers,  you can ensure that your business stands apart from the digital crowd and makes an indelible impression. In today’s modern world, it isn’t enough to land a customer, but also to create loyalty. Before the digital age, customer loyalty was easier to create and maintain. Without the Internet, customers were limited to the businesses they could work with. They were often restricted to companies close by and would have just a handful of options to choose. Sometimes, a customer became a loyal client simply because there were no other companies nearby they could bring their service to.

Things are much different today as the Internet and worldwide shipping has made it easy for customers to do business globally. Because of this, businesses who want to build relationships and create loyalty in their customers need to take a different and unique approach. This is where the benefits of handwritten cards and thank you notes can make an impact.

A handwritten note, thank you card, or greeting card adds an extra touch to your business and lets your customers know that you care. It shows that you went the extra mile to make your appreciation known. There are many situations where personalized, handwritten cards can be used and you can see some examples of customer appreciation notes and ideas here. By showing your customers that you are more than a business seeking to make a profit, but actually care and are invested in your customers’ happiness and satisfaction, you easily create loyalty and build a strong relationship that will benefit both of you.

Return customers are what builds businesses. Marketing strategies must encompass more than simply having a customer or client use your products or services just one time. It is repeat business that only loyal, returning customers deliver that will mean the difference between success and failure. The more repeat customers you have, the more your business will grow. In fact, repeat customers are one of the best marketing strategies available. Even in today’s age with a plethora of marketing options available, nothing tops word of mouth.

Your repeat customers mean a great deal to your business’ success so why not show your appreciation with a handwritten card? Thanking your customers for their loyalty & their service always goes a long way. If one of your customers encounters a problem, a handwritten greeting card or thank you note can also mean the difference between losing your customer and retaining their trust and loyalty.

There’s never a wrong time to send a handwritten thank you note, greeting card or customer appreciation message. Though many companies choose to send cards during holidays, you can choose other moments to send them. Sometimes, there is nothing better than simply receiving a random thank you note.

If handwritten thank you notes and greeting cards aren’t part of your marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? Your customers will love them and when your customer is happy, you’ll be happy as well.





Charisse Van Horn is an artist, poet, and freelance writer.